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iPhone 5S Appeared Blue Screen Restart Problem

It seems that for iPhone, at the beginning of each generation, it will have this or that kind of problem. The latest generation of iPhone 5S still can’t escape from this vicious circle. After the screen locking bug and sensor calibration error, some users reflected that their iPhone 5S appears blue screen restart problem. Blue […]

Those Advanced Technology Products in the History

Not only those technology products which have a big seller can become milestones. In fact, some important devices in the history were failed to succeed, and their products have experienced several years of improvement to be finally accepted by mainstream consumers. For Pioneer technology companies, these products ran the risks through innovation and pointed out […]

Nissan Introduced A Concept Smart Watch -Nismo Watch

Recently, according to some foreign media reports, Nissan Motor Company developed a concept smart watch -Nismo Watch. It is said that this watch is able to transmit data information with the vehicle, displaying the car’s parameters and driver’s physical condition. Currently, this concept smart watch is designed for the owners of Nissan Nismo fleets, including […]

Summarization of the Five Most Memorable iPhone Features

For this year’s Apple’s press conference, I believe each person has your own opinions. But we should agree one thing -Apple brings us fewer and fewer surprises. Maybe the former Apple product releasing conferences are more memorable and wonderful. Here we bring you five most memorable features of iPhone for you. 1. FaceTime iPhone is […]

Four Expectations on 2013 Apple’s Press Conference—- Golden iPhone5S + iOS7 official version

September is a hot month for mobile phone release. Major manufacturers and Apple Company try to held new smart phone release conference in this September. With the approaching of Apple news conference on September 10th and the recent various exposures of iPhone 5C and 5S, I believe that every Apple lover is unable to hold […]

Five Alternatives to Google Glass Selected by Media

Since the inception of Google Glass, the discussion of it never stopped. This new equipment also leads a fashion of wearable device. However, Google is not the only one technology company which is developing wearable glass. Although it is not officially on sale, it already has a lot of competitors. The technology website Laptopmag recently […]

Five Best Android Smartphones in 2013

Apple still has no news in the year. But in Android camp, many major manufacturers took out excellent performance. In the wide range of Android phones on the market, which style is worth to buy? Let’s look at these five outstanding Android Smartphones as below. 1. HTC One HTC One has an outstanding 4.7-inch screen, […]

Battery Life Ranking of Smartphone

With the continually enhancing of mobile phones performance, the power consumption will be gradually increased too. For manufacturers and users, they are unable to get both high performance and high endurance. But for the users who firstly take battery life into account, which Smartphone is the best choice? 1. Samsung Galaxy Note II For Galaxy […]

Bill Gates Stuck Up for Surface and Claim That iPad Deject A Lot of Users

When accepting the interview of the U.S. CNBC, the former boss of Microsoft -Bill Gates stuck up for its own Surface Series Tablet despite that it has not so good repercussions since it was launched. At the same time, he also did not forget to disclose the shortcomings of iPad. When it comes to the […]

General View of GALAXY S4 mini

After the annual flagship GALAXY S4, Samsung continues to enrich its product line. As the mini version of S4, with the same appearance and original design, by virtue of more compact body and optimized machine, GALAXY S4 mini gets a lot of attention. Now, let’s take a look at this mini version. This version makes […]

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